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Audio Testimonials

  1. Patient Brooke Audio Testimonial
  2. Patient Peyton Audio Testimonial
  3. Patient Quinton Audio Testimonial
  4. Patient Trista Audio Testimonial

Written Testimonials

“If orthodontics can have a bright side, YOU are it!”
Patricia C. (Mifflintown)

“We have a happy boy with a beaming smile.”
Jeffrey H. (Selinsgrove)

“NO room for improvement…your STAFF is a great asset.”
Candace B. (Selinsgrove)

“Brandy never liked to show her teeth for a picture and was very self-conscious of her smile…now she is very proud of her smile, and although it may seem expensive, it is worth every penny. Thank you for the excellent treatment.”
Marion F. (Liverpool)

“Continue your service without a change. Treating an adult client that was very satisfied and enjoyed each visit, I can only imagine the joy of the younger (patients).”
Dot S. (Watsontown)

“Some of the compelling reasons why I have chosen your practice for my children’s orthodontic treatment: competent, professional treatment by an orthodontist who remains current on the best practice procedures and comprehensive care, friendly and accommodating staff, pleasant, comfortable environment, incentive programs for kids and convenience both in the multiple offices and availability of appointments.”
Anna J. (Selinsgrove)

“There are now different theories on how to handle kids’ orthodontics…your way saves teeth and is better than ‘old’ methods.”
Valerie B. (Milton)

“As a parent of four children treated by you, I personally went through the searching and consultation process of other orthodontists – given those experiences, I had no hesitation or doubt about your care, and in fact, was reinforced in my confidence of that care…Your attention to detail, ever changing, always improving, even when I thought things were at their best.”
Margie B. (Selinsgrove)

“Kid friendly…absolutely thought the post-treatment (debanding) ‘Goodbye’ was awesome.”
Nancy S. (New Berlin)

“Early onset of treatment and NO HEAD GEAR, higher quality of care…cutting edge technology…there is no cost you can put on that.”
Cindy L. (Lewisburg)

“I looked forward to going to my appointments. I actually missed seeing everyone once it was over.”
Greg M. (Port Trevorton)